Victoria Park Styled Shoot

Here is a recent behind the scenes video which I shot with a whole bunch of talented people. This styled shoot was put together by Michelle from Redki Wearable Art and was shot on a beautiful clear winter's day at Victoria Park. Below is a list of people involved. Go check them out!

- Callum

Shot, edited and music by Callum Wheeler

Redki - Wearable Art| Jewellery and Hair Accessories

Lyndal Carmichael | Photographer

Saber Events | Stylist & Wedding Planner

Photo Finish Makeup | Makeup Artist

Ellen J & Will | Models

Craig Hislop | Hair Stylist

Fiorenza | Gowns

Wil Valour | Suits

Victoria Park | Venue



I am very pleased to present to you the Wedding Portrait of Dave and Sarah Green. It was such a beautiful day; a true fairy-tale wedding, full of excitement and nervous energy. Hosted by Topiaries at Beaumont, a grand manor house and function centre overlooking Samford valley, Dave and Sarah's day looked stunning under the perfect blue skies. So much effort went in to the preparation of this wedding and it was such a pleasure to be able to capture the story (ripped pants and all). 

- Callum

Location Scouting

Lyndal from Lyndal Carmichael Photography and I went out to the beautiful Topiaries at Beaumont today to do some location scouting for Dave and Sarah's wedding which I will be filming next week. Location scouting is always a valuable experience as having locations locked in before the big day allows for a more efficient shoot and a beautiful outcome.

- Callum


Wedding Portraits

Here you go! Have a new thing.

Introducing our newest product - the Wedding Portrait. Here is a description:

"Our wedding portraits will capture your special day in a candid, natural and unintrusive way. With a focus on subtleties, we will shoot your wedding in a documentary style as if from the perspective of a loved one. Our aim is to tell your story as honestly as we can, capturing the mood and feel of your wedding and the intimate moments which will make your day so unique."

Basically, these are beautiful, honest, no nonsense wedding videos which will capture your event with care and humanity. We want to capture your day and your story the way it happened, adopting an intimate documentary style rather than a showy, overdone blockbuster approach. Have a look at Alex & Lauren's wedding portrait which Callum shot and if you like what your see, give us a shout and we will go from there. 



An Update of Sorts


There have been a few changes here lately such as the addition of a 'Products' and 'Goods' page. Our Products page contains information on our products and services.. obviously. We create: Promotional Documentaries, Live Music Videos, Video Logos and there are a few more in the works which will be listed shortly. Our services can also be mixed and matched to meet your needs. As for the Goods page, well, that is where we will eventually be posting our own productions such as documentaries and the like.

There will also be a FG facebook page in the near future so you can connect with us on everyone's favourite networking platform yay!

Also, you should check out the video we did recently for the wonderful Jen from Nutrition Tuition which can be found on our work page.

We are moving forward!

See you soon.