Wedding Portraits

Here you go! Have a new thing.

Introducing our newest product - the Wedding Portrait. Here is a description:

"Our wedding portraits will capture your special day in a candid, natural and unintrusive way. With a focus on subtleties, we will shoot your wedding in a documentary style as if from the perspective of a loved one. Our aim is to tell your story as honestly as we can, capturing the mood and feel of your wedding and the intimate moments which will make your day so unique."

Basically, these are beautiful, honest, no nonsense wedding videos which will capture your event with care and humanity. We want to capture your day and your story the way it happened, adopting an intimate documentary style rather than a showy, overdone blockbuster approach. Have a look at Alex & Lauren's wedding portrait which Callum shot and if you like what your see, give us a shout and we will go from there.